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Please contact me with your issues that are important to YOU.  I have met with the Town Administrator for his opinion and will meet with the department heads in the coming days, but I want to hear from the public what THEIR issues are.

Town and County Planning IGA

I served as a Planning Commissioner in the past and experienced the difficulties in having a joint commission.  Originally, the joint Estes Valley Planning Commission was a good idea for the Estes Valley community in mind but the needs of the Town and the County have changed over time.  I believe it was time to separate the responsibilities and have a Town Planning Commission and a Board of Adjustment Board to focus on the Town of Estes Park's development issues.  This will not only save the Town money due to unreimbursed expenses but allow for the Town to manage itself without outside influence. 

Senior Representation

Senior Representation

Our community has a median age of 58.5. Yet we don't have a mechanism for the seniors to have a direct voice on issues to the Board of Trustees. The Town Board of Estes Park needs to create a Senior’s Advisory Board.  We have certainly seen many issues where an advisor board could help to communicate concerns and solutions to the Town Board. A prime example is the Senior’s Center that split our senior community in two.  We already have two of too many things. I will recommend and advocate for the creation of this Senior’s Advisory Board to give our largest segment of the Estes Park community the voice they deserve.  This Board can be available to hear from the public about important issues such as health/wellness, affordable housing, transportation, home care services and even parking at the Post Office. This Board can make recommendations to the Town Board based on public input gained through their meetings and/or committees. A starting point would be a survey to determine what are top priorities for seniors.

Please send comments to check out for more information. Cell: (970) 217-2533

Visit Estes Park Board & Visitor's Center

The Visit Estes Park (VEP) Board currently has two Town Board members on their board.  They were appointed to help bring transparency and board governance to the board.  Since being appointed the board has hired a new CEO, Eric Lund and developed a competent crew to work on the mission of VEP.  I believe it is time to transition back to appointed board members or consider elected positions.  We know from past experiences that the VEP organization can do a far better job than the town when it comes to promoting the town and the surrounding valley.  There needs to be a clean separation between the two avoiding any conflicts but still being supportive of each other.

On the same topic, I also feel that the VEP organization should expand its marketing to include the Estes Park Visitor’s Center.  Where better to influence, market and maintain a consistent message.  We have great staff and ambassadors already in place, I just think the responsibility needs to be moved to VEP.  For this to happen, a financial arrangement needs to happen between the town and VEP to make them whole on the liability they accept.  A transition from town to VEP could include a Town payment till an increased bed tax is approved thereby freeing up moneys for infrastructure or even the purchase of open space lands.

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